8 Places Where Steel Mesh Panels Are Used

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    If you think about the best security perimeter method which consists of two essential elements – protection and visibility – it has to be steel mesh panels. These are robust materials comprised of the strength of steel to give a comprehensive cover to your premises. Whether it’s a defense establishment needing top-tier security or a used car parking lot where security norms are relatively lax, these steel panels do their job with equal robustness. While it’s possible to secure an area with bricks or stones, compared to steel panel fencing, it is an exorbitant option and not suitable for places where regular monitoring is required.

    This is especially true of establishments that see a huge amount of footfall in a concentrated time span. Industries and institutional need to get in touch with reliable welded mesh manufacturers to make sure their perimeters are secured.

    1. Barnyards and Agricultural Fields

    Steel panels are ideal for fencing cattle, horses, hogs, sheep or any livestock fencing and ensuring the security of farm animals. The wire mesh livestock panels can be installed around the barnyard perimeter to keep animals in and make sure they are protected against predators, or bandits. It is very important to consider the level of safety agricultural grade mesh panels bring to your livestock. Poultry enclosures for example can be built with chicken wire mesh and welded mesh to reinforce the aviary fence structure. Similarly, it is equally important to enclose crop fields and gardens to monitor them effectively. Since these establishments are directly connected to farmers’ livelihoods, it is crucial to source these panels from a reputable welded mesh manufacturer.

    1. Commercial Establishments

    Many commercial spaces use mesh panels made of steel to create perimeter fences around the properties. These commercial spaces could be malls, banks, stock exchanges, or a company’s premises. These are important hubs of business and deal with a lot of money on a daily basis. Consequently, they need adequate protection and this is where the steel panels come in. These fences help define the boundaries of the property and control access points, ensuring privacy and security.

    1. Educational Institutions

    Schools, colleges, and universities are important centers of knowledge. These institutions need to operate in peace and isolation. These educational institutions have playgrounds and auditoriums where students partake in sports and recreational activities. In order to provide a safe atmosphere where they can flourish, it is necessary to keep the premises secure. Steel mesh panels are the perfect security arrangement where both the security and visibility aspects are taken care of.

    1. Automobile Factories

    Cars and motorcycles manufactured in factories need to be protected – from theft and vandalism. These are expensive items and their protection is necessary, otherwise the car manufacturers would have to bear a massive loss. The factory perimeter is secured by a steel panel that is sturdy as a rock, preventing unauthorized entry. The factory owners can be assured as the automobiles are safely stored inside the factory

    1. Warehouses and storage facilities

    Crops like rice, wheat, and millet are stored in warehouses. Other perishable items are stored in cold storage facilities. Companies also store their consumer and non-consumer goods in warehouses to maintain their inventory. Needless to say, these warehouses and storage facilities have to be kept safe to ensure the stored items aren’t stolen or harmed in any way. You’ll often see these storage facilities have an extra layer of security in the form of a mesh panel perimeter.

    1. Pharmaceutical Industries

    If Covid-19 has taught us something, it is the importance of vaccines and pharmaceutical products. These industries operate with active pharmaceutical ingredients and patented chemical products. Hence, pharmaceutical manufacturing plants have to be extra secure. These plants are located in remote locations and need to work in privacy. These plants are usually spread over a large area and to keep intruders at bay, are sealed with steel panels.

    1. Mining Industry

    The mining industry is one such industry that operates under heavy supervision. It makes sense too, as mining operations lead to a lot of emissions and miners’ safety is of critical concern. When the mining is for precious metals like gold and silver, securing the perimeter is pivotal as a lot of money is at stake. Securing the mined area with a steel panel makes it easier for management to keep unscrupulous elements at bay as well as maintain visibility over the miners’ activity.


    Steel panels are seen almost everywhere. Barnyards, cop fields, educational institutions, commercial establishments, warehouses, and pharmaceutical industries are some common places where these panels provide commendable security. If you’re a wholesale business dealing with mesh panels and wire fencing, it is important to source materials from a reliable welded mesh manufacturer.