Ability to Fly in the Sky

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    If you want to fly, then you have to live the real meaning of life. You can be peaceful in the plane and happy in the sky.

    Contrary to popular beliefs on what “magic” is, whether it be a supernatural phenomenon or an astonishing power, there is no magic like the magic of flying.

    Get a magic power to fly

    The enlightening experience of flying in the air can be quite useful in certain situations. Like, if you have some sort of an emergency and have to travel ASAP! Then this supernatural ability to fly would be much more useful than anything else in the World. It might sound like impossible at first but it’s practice that makes a man perfect and with time it can become natural so flying is almost effortless.

    There are ways that one could accomplish his goal but unfortunately everyone isn’t equally effective or practical as there are so many people depending on who you really are and what your aims and objectives become with this newfound skill! Some natural methods including, meditation and learning things like how to move objects with brain power only. Fantasise fusing meditation with other techniques into a particular entity which we all shall name “Supernatural Energy Manipulation”, such an entity which is the combination of three kinds of energy into one singular presence. Allowing one to have them all at one time without any limitations, whatsoever on how many capabilities he/she/it may have access to as long as they desire!

    You’ve got a magical power in you. It’s just waiting to be tapped into, and once it is, your life will never be the same as again. Flying is a mystical power that you can get from a spell. You can utilise this capability to fly in the air or make yourself invisible.

    Let’s not debate about the physics or gravity of a plane, but rather, how being on an aircraft enhances our appreciation for specific luxuries. We need some entertainment/fun to keep us from being drained. We consume poor food that we will barely eat on the ground. Why these two things become more pleasing when we trapped on an aeroplane for 8 hours? Because they help time go by, that is the magic of flying.

    How many times have we seen this type of film, whether it is a Boy loves girl or one guy who manages to defeat the whole army? Sorts of movies, which anyone would not DARE to spend and watch in a movie theatre, or even watch in a relaxed mood, gain an additional bonus point if we watch them during an exhausting flight. If somebody watches, while laying in their bedroom, you would score them with the worst rating possible. But still they earn an extra star Because there isn’t any source of internet connection, which means no social media to scroll down, your brain constantly needs a sort of entertainment while it’s active. These types of distraction contribute to the magic of flying!

    On an average day, our coffee must be Starbucks or Costa and even after this if the drink isn’t how we want it, we won’t even finish it. However, when we are on a flight, and couldn’t take a nap sitting upright, that foam cup of coffee becomes the most precious fuel to our bodies. Furthermore, why do we appreciate such a tasteless, flavourless liquid? You guessed it right – The Magic of Flying.

    Another example is Back home we need that soft and comfortable sheet made up of wool to sleep peacefully. But when we were flying as soon as the lights went off, we took the sealed pillow and blanket pack. We felt the pleasure of sleeping like our parents folded us in! Magic.

    Some wizards can imagine a card you choose or free themselves from a suit covered in chains, but real magic is making tough fruit and freezing rice taste like Grandma homemade cooking. We welcome you to realise and appreciate the magic of flying

    Magic powers are normally stored within objects or people. For example, Harry Potter has a cloak that gives him superhuman strength when worn as well as the ability to speak parseltongue which allows him to understand snakes; however this doesn’t mean that all people with magical powers have cloaks or any other magical object associated with them. This is because they don’t need any special object in order to use their powers; they just need something that has been imbued with some sort of natural energy (which could be anything from sunlight through wind). It could also be something as simple as air itself which would work perfectly fine if you wanted something like flying around without having any issues at all

    Flights are the best solution and are like any supernatural powers because they can transport you so fast. Flights can be distinguished in two different types, the most known one is called buoyant flight. These are human constructed flights. The second one is animal flight which is a natural flight that animals are born with. You can reach a crime location quicker than a jet. Still, you can save it by flying presto, but on the other hand, If you ever come across a canine that’s going to run into a truck., Mr. Flame will set the dog on fire and everybody will hate him. With that advantage, people will like you, trust you, and also rely on your help. during our study, aviation was the most famous. Scientists say someday we will get flight by mimicking birds and other animals. Flight is the most simplest superpower to resemble in life which means that we will certainly get flight any time or even today. That is why carrying flight is worth it. Next time we get a report from the scientists, they will tell you what is happening. Ahh, that coffee was tasty. The next day I came to the same table and I noticed there was a new copy of the series which had come out, which means I sat down drinking my coffee and started reading it. This one was about cars and more.


     I always like to run, not because of saving money or anything, but because of getting a calm mind in the sky. I will get rid of depression, anxiety and other problems in my life.

    I Wish I had a Superpower to Fly