AllegianceMD – Electronic Health Record and Practice Management Software

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    AllegianceMD is an electronic health record (EHR) and practice management software solution that works on any web browser. It uses artificial intelligence to learn user- and practice-specific workflows and processes, automates tasks, and delivers an intuitive graphic interface.

    It also helps practices meet regulatory requirements such as the Active Immunization Registry. It also allows them to report data for value-based payment programs.


    EHRs make health information accessible and easily searchable to clinicians and patients, making it easier to deliver excellent patient care. They also reduce duplication of tests, delays in treatment and help patients to be well informed.

    AllegianceMD software combines practice management, billing and EHR features into one intuitive platform. The platform offers a rich graphic user interface and utilizes artificial intelligence to learn your practice’s specific workflows.

    The EHR features of AllegianceMD include customizable charting templates, a telemedicine feature that lets users create virtual appointments for patients who are not able to come to the office, and an e-prescription option. This feature enables patients to obtain their prescriptions through the online system, saving practices and patients time.

    The software also allows prescribers to quickly check for drug-drug, drug-allergy and drug-disease interactions before prescribing medications. This helps prevent dangerous errors that can result in adverse outcomes. Moreover, it enables practitioners to meet regulatory requirements and comply with MACRA/MIPS and Meaningful Use guidelines.

    Practice Management

    Practice management software can help reduce the workload on your clinical team, allowing them to focus on more pressing aspects of running your business. This can include managing patient appointments, handling billing and accounting, and identifying areas for growth.

    Many PMS offer a range of patient support features to keep the lines of communication open between your staff and patients. These can include appointment reminders, telehealth support, two-way SMS messaging, and secure online booking portals.

    Some practice management software also includes a medical billing module to support staff in submitting claims to payers. This can reduce denials and speed up reimbursement. It can also help align diagnoses, drug prescriptions, and procedures with industry-specific data standards. Some even include basic automated assisted coding.

    Patient Portal

    Patient portals allow patients to access their health records, including clinical summaries, immunizations, medications, labs, and appointment records. This increases patient engagement and retention, while reducing clerical time for office staff.

    Allegiancemd software offers a patient portal feature that allows patients to complete much of their demographic and visit information online before their in-person appointment. This makes it easier for patients to provide accurate information, and it also helps providers ensure HIPPA compliance.

    A patient portal also allows for automated scheduling and eligibility checks, as well as automated calling and electronic toll free faxing. This saves time for office staff and improves productivity.

    Allegiancemd also features a clinical support system that lets doctors avoid prescribing and treatment errors by checking first how multiple medicines interact with each other and whether drugs can trigger allergies in patients before writing prescriptions. This is done through an e-prescribing feature that allows users to compare the proposed prescription to a patient’s current drug list and allergy list.

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    Medical Billing

    Medical billing software is a powerful tool that allows practitioners to streamline their practice and improve their bottom line. These platforms offer features like claims scrubbing, billing and payment automation, and clearinghouse integration that help providers better manage their revenue cycle.

    AllegianceMD’s practice management software includes a patient portal that lets patients schedule appointments online, as well as an automated calling feature that reminds and confirms appointments with patients. This saves time and money by not requiring staff to manually call patients.

    Another popular feature is a toll free fax service that eliminates the need for physical fax machines. Admins can associate faxes with patients and dates for easy review.

    AllegianceMD’s billing software also has a claim scrubbing function that checks for errors and omissions on submitted claims. This eliminates the risk of resubmissions by insurers, and enables practices to increase reimbursements.