How to Get a Detailed Marriage Compatibility Report

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    Detailed marriage compatibility report is a tool for couples who are in love. It provides them with important information about their compatibility with the other person, such as compatibility based on Vedic, Graha maitri and Kundli matching. You can also find out about their longevity and attraction level.

    Vedic compatibility method

    If you’re planning to marry, a Vedic compatibility method can help you determine whether or not you and your potential spouse are compatible. There are various types of compatibilities, all of which demonstrate the combined skills of the couple. It’s always a good idea to know your own horoscope before getting married. This way, you can find out if you and your potential mate are compatible on a physical, emotional and mental level.

    Kundli matching is a Vedic astrology procedure that helps to determine marriage compatibility. The method works by using the 36 gunas (qualities) in a couple’s horoscopes. These factors are used to determine the overall health and durability of a relationship. They are also used to check the sexual and mental compatibility of a couple.

    Kundli matching by date of birth

    Kundli matching by date of birth is considered as a very important aspect of marriage astrology. It helps in finding a perfect match for you. The compatibility between a couple is analyzed to find out whether they can lead a happy married life.

    If a marriage is not compatible, the couple may face many problems. A person can consult an astrologer to solve the problems.

    Kundli matching by date of birth also evaluates the physical and emotional compatibility of the two individuals. Kundli Matching is a Vedic compatibility analysis. This analysis is based on 36 Gunas.

    Kundli matching by date is considered as a very important aspect of Indian matrimony. Marriage is know as a sacred bond between two people deeply in love with each other. Therefore, it is important to match kundlis to ensure a healthy and happy marital life.

    Graha maitri

    A Graha maitri marriage compatibility report will give you a clear idea of the potential marriage between two people. It is based on the planetary lords of the Moon signs of the male and female. These planetary lords are Sun and Saturn in case of the male, and Mercury and Venus in the female.

    The Graha Maitri koota will tell you about the mental and intellectual compatibility of the couple. If a good score is obtained, it will mean that the partners are on a similar mental level. This will enhance the chances of a happy married life.

    Planetary friendship is important in Vedic astrology. Every planet has a particular type of relationship with the other. For example, a planet can be friendly to a specific rashi, or it can be hostile to that rashi.


    The Gana marriage compatibility report is a study of the characteristics of a couple. It gives a clear understanding of their mental and physical compatibility. This is an important aspect of marriages and family life.

    According to the Vedic astrology, there are three types of Ganas. They are Deva (gods), manav (humans) and rakshasas (demons). These Ganas help analyze the temperament of partners.

    As per the astrologer’s point of view, the calculation should be done based on the other planetary influences and not only the position of the moon. If the lord of the signs of your partners are friends, then they do not need to be considered. However, it is highly recommended to carry out a Nakshatra Shanti Puja, in order to neutralize the gana dosha.