Growing up is not a Trap

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    Due to the emergence of new technology, life has started to run faster and the year changes in the blink of an eye. Apparently, life seems to be perfect, everyone is happy, everyone is living a good life, no one has any problems, but still the suicide rate is increasing day by day instead of decreasing. What is the reason why a seemingly prosperous person becomes so desperate that he is forced to end his own life?

    Depression isn’t a joke

    Well, this is not the first blog to be written on this topic, it has been written on this topic many times before, but still, why is the situation the way it is? Perhaps the reason is that now the era has become materialistic instead of humanity. Things are being given more importance than man. Apparently, people are sincere to each other, but inside they are against each other, and even after doing all this, man is not happy, or apparently he is happy, but he is scattered inside. The best example of this is the recent suicide incident of Indian actress Tunisha Sharma. The actress, who was apparently happy and satisfied with her life, was so stressed that she took the extreme step of ending her life. If you see the recent pictures of that actress, she was looking very happy in them, but only she was aware of her inner situation. happens. Depression is a real thing. It can affect anyone at any time, regardless of age or gender or race. It can make you feel sad, it can make you feel like there’s no point to living.

    Depression is treatable

    But it doesn’t have to be that way! Depression is treatable and reversible—you just need to know that there are people out there who care about you and will do everything they can to help you get better. And if the only way you know how to do that is by talking to someone, then talk with me! I’ve been there, and I’ve got some tips on how to make sure you get through this together. Depression should be considered as one of the most serious mental problems as it affects millions around the globe. It’s also an incredibly common condition, one that can affect anyone, regardless of age or gender.

    Depression is mostly hidden

    While it’s not always easy to detect, depression is often characterised by feelings of sadness and hopelessness. It can also lead to a lack of motivation and difficulty sleeping, among other symptoms.

    Treating depression with love and patience

    If you suspect that someone you know may have depression, it’s important to be patient and understanding while they work through their feelings. Don’t try to force them into treatment or medicine—that’s a recipe for failure. Instead, listen to their story and make sure they know they’re not alone in what they’re experiencing. It might take some time, but with enough support from loved ones and professional help from qualified professionals like therapists who specialise in treating depression, your friend will be able to move past this issue so they can enjoy life again!

    Keep kindness in your words and actions

    Therefore, it is very important that we keep love and kindness for others in our words and attitude, and encourage them in small things so that life can be easy for people. kindness is the most important act you can do for yourself, and for others. It’s an investment in your own happiness, as well as in the happiness of those around you.

    Importance of kindness

    Kindness is a feeling, not an action. When you’re kind to someone else, it means that you take time out of your day to listen to them carefully and understand what they’re saying before responding. You don’t just offer advice; you listen to their desires and hopes with compassion and empathy. That takes real thoughtfulness!


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    1. Read that blog and yes it’s true that these issues definitely exist in reality and in our society. We need to find out the way to overcome these issues. And if you are facing these issues Blog will help you out. Thanks

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