How to Check If Your WordPress Business Site’s Blog Posts Are Ranking for the Right Keywords?

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    Desire to check if custom wordpress development and your WordPress business’s posts are ranking for the right keywords?

    Most recently novices check rankings for papers manually by coding keywords in Google. This does not give you an accurate idea of ​​where your paper is for your target keywords. custom wordpress development In this Blog, we will show you how to smoothly check if your WordPress blog post is ranking for the right keywords.

    Why Check Keyword Ranking for Your WordPress business’s Posts?

    still, you will also learn how to optimize each composition on your website for specific keywords, If you follow the complete WordPress SEO companion. custom wordpress development services This helps you get more business to your website. most recently just search on Google to see if the post appears for that keyword. Indeed, they generally only check the first page or alternate in style.

    The problem is that sometimes your composition may rank below the first two pages or at worst it may not even rank for the keywords you want. However, you also lose useful information that you can use to improve your SEO ranking and improve your business If you calculate manually by checking your keyword ranking.

    Check Your Keyword Ranking With Google Search Console

    Google Search Console is a tool offered by Google to help webmasters improve their websites for search. See our friend on how to add your website to Google Search Console. At the top of the Performance tab, you’ll see a graph of your website’s performance in search results.

    still, you will also be suitable to see the highest-ranking keywords, If you sort the list by position. wordpress design and development services As you scroll down the list, you will see the keywords where your spot appears lower in the search engine results on the page. You can also export this data and run it with your favorite spreadsheet software.

    Using Keyword Ranking to Generate More Business on WordPress

    Now that you’ve learned how to check keyword rankings for your WordPress site, and custom wordpress development let’s talk about optimizing your rankings.

    How to identify keywords that need improvement

    When you’re deciding which keywords to convert, it’s important to note that not all keywords are created equal. wordpress service provider To illustrate, ranking #5 on a high business keyword is better than ranking #1 for a low business keyword.

    Also, appearing in the #1 position will not bring you the most business. You may notice that some of your keywords are ranking fairly well, but aren’t getting many clicks or prints.

    During your exploration, you may also discover some surprise keywords that you didn’t know you were ranking for. wordpress website development services However, you should also see if you can make strategic changes to your content to improve your rankings for those keywords IF those keywords have a significant amount of print and search volume. 

    How to enhance Rankings for Specific Keywords

    Once you’ve decided which keywords to work on, you can go ahead and see which of your papers rank for those keywords and what you can do to optimize them better.

    Then there are many tips. wordpress plugin development services You can find useful advice on how to improve these important keywords by using the All in One SEO plugin. When editing a post, scroll down to the AIOSEO settings at the bottom and you’ll find fields for ‘Focus Keyword’ and ‘New Keyword’.

    Simply enter the most important keywords for your post in the ‘Focus Keyword Phrases’ field as well as click the ‘Add Focus Keyword Phrases’ button. bespoke wordpress development You can add other keywords as new key phrases.

    All-in-One SEO will now analyze your content for these key phrases and will show you your score along with practical tips to improve your content for these important expressions.

    Next, you should look for outdated papers, that lack sufficient content, or contain outdated information. custom wordpress web design updating the paper with more recent information and simply refining the content can give your SEO a boost.

    Finally, see if you can add internal links, where you link to the composition of other pages from your point. custom wordpress development Linking to your composition from other affiliate posts can give you an SEO bump. Use your target keywords as anchor textbooks when linking from other papers on your website.


    We hope you like this blog. custom wordpress development These are all about checking WordPress Business Site’s blog posts ranking for the right keywords. If you are looking for a responsive websites development company and want to rank keywords for your sites then contact 8therate.

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