Parts of the Ultrasound Machine

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    If you are looking for information on the different parts of an ultrasound machine, you’ve come to the right place. You’ll find detailed descriptions of the various components of an ultrasound machine, as well as links to additional resources. All of the parts of an ultrasound machine are vital in carrying out diagnostic procedures, so it’s important to know their functions.

    Transducer probe

    Choosing the correct ultrasound probe is an important aspect of any clinical examination. With the proper selection, you will have better images and more accurate results. Before purchasing a probe, however, you will want to consider a few factors.

    The first thing to look for is the probe’s footprint. This is a narrow area on the probe that contacts the patient’s skin. It is normally a soft, rubber-like surface.

    Another feature to consider is the probe’s frequency. Higher frequencies will allow deeper penetration, while lower frequencies will give shallower images.

    If you plan on performing a transabdominal examination, you may need to choose a curvilinear probe. These probes are a low-frequency option. They are often used in laparoscopic procedures. However, they are not as precise as a phased array probe.

    Remote wand

    A remotely operated ultrasound machine enables a doctor to perform an examination on an individual or a large group of patients in real time. This allows the physician to take a more detailed look at a patient and record short video clips for further inspection.

    An example of the present invention involves the use of a device that integrates a remote navigation system and an ultrasound catheter. The device includes a microphone, a host computer, and software for voice control operation.

    The ultrasound catheter image is registered to the remote navigation system. The system orients the distal end of the medical device in accordance with the ultrasound catheter image. As the distal end moves within the imaging plane of the Ultrasound catheter, it displays a message to the physician.


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    Host computer

    Ultrasound imaging systems have traditionally been large, rack-mounted consoles. However, with the advent of new PC technology, ultrasound systems are becoming portable and bringing affordable, new functionality to the table.

    Ultrasound imaging systems typically include a handheld probe that transmits a signal through the skin of a patient. In addition, the probe has control circuitry. These circuits are powered through an external power source. The probe can communicate with a computing device, such as a desktop or laptop computer, through a wireless or wired connection.

    In order to increase flexibility and decrease cost, the Terason family of ultrasound systems uses a PC-based architecture. It provides significant benefits, including a smaller size and lower power consumption. This approach also allows Terason to integrate third-party medical solutions.

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