Everything That’s Coming To The Sims 4 Will Make For Some Juicy Family Drama

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    The big baby update for The Sims 4 is nearly then, and Kotaku got an inside look at how the new Growing Together Expansion Pack DLC and the free base game updates will play out. 

    Yes, the babies will eventually be freed, but with that freedom will come a host of new ways to play with babies. And the Growing Together expansion looks like it’ll fluently join the list of must-have- plutocrats among The Sims 4’s formerly crowded canon of DLC options. 

    The Sims 4 frees the babies- 

    The long-awaited baby update will come to all Sims 4 players on March 14. And the enormity of this change is kindly delicate to describe to casual suckers or bystanders. 

    You might be familiar with a particular Sims meme, one featuring an uncaring mama on her computer as her baby lies next to her on fire. 

    Besides creating a script that only feels possible in MadLibs, it’s been insolvable to recreate in the rearmost replication of the game as babies have been tied to buggies, serving only as stationary objects since The Sims 4 came out in 2014. 

    The fourth mainline Sims game brought with it a number of retrogressions to the series. It originally demanded ghosts, pools, terrain tools, and toddlers, among other details, considered masses of the ballot by that point. 

    All of those were ultimately added to The Sims 4( however numerous suckers could list off any number of preliminarily being features that noway arrived), but babies in all their non-object glory were nowhere to be seen. 

    Until now of course babies will be a new life stage entirely for the fourth entry in The Sims ballot. This means you can produce and term a baby in the produce-a-Sim menu just as you can for any other Sim. 

    It also means babies can now have further than three skin tones. Yes, babies could preliminarily only have three skin tones and all had the same face. 

    With the update, you can’t only choose from any skin tone offered for any other Sims, but you can also give them different hair and outfits. They can also have what are known as stork mouthfuls, sanguine or pink patches on the skin that generally go down over time. 

    babies are, understandably, dependent on others, more so indeed than toddlers or child Sims. They’ll also come with new relations like changing diapers, feeding them in highchairs, and giving them bubble cataracts. 

    Babies come with a big free base game update For the rest of the family- 

    They’ll have new relations concentrated specifically on how they interact with babies. But they also get effects just for themselves. There will be further speckle options and stretch marks for any age group. 

    And as a boon for players who are concentrated on liars, you can now make a “ wisdom baby ” in addition to making Sims woohoo like crazy or conclude for relinquishment. 

    There will also be new child beds, including one that turns into a toddler bed as your baby periods over, and new buggy designs if you haven’t come hopelessly attached to the one baby buggy we’ve each been forced to use since 2014. 

    And if you don’t want to deal with babies at all but still want to enjoy commodity from the base game update, you can knit a onesie now if you have the Knifty Knitting Stuff Pack. 

    The Growing Together Expansion Pack adds family dysfunction( in a good way) probably the biggest draw, appealing to both liar and builder players, is the new San Sequoia world. 

    According to the inventors, it’s grounded in the Bay Area where they’re located and features a bay-front neighborhood with lots of out-of-door space. Sims can explore the San Sequoia’s nature walk or pier, play in the splash pad, or spend time in the theater. 

    But Growing Together, at its heart, is an Expansion Pack about family and commerce. So, while everyone will get access to the new child life stage, Growing Together adds further depth to the task of raising babies. 

    In the base game, babies will operate like a normal 8- month-old muscle, but in Growing Together, you’ll see the little bones progress from an invigorated around 2 months old to a 12- month-old. 

    This progression is also marked by mileposts, which track life events like a baby’s literacy to lift their head or learning restroom training. 

    This also serves as a way to unleash further capacities for babies to move about the world, allowing them to ultimately sit up on their own or roll over from their tails. 

    mileposts will also work for aged Sims and might change how they interact with the world. In case, if your Sim can’t find a restroom in time, that unfortunate corner will stick with them ever, affecting them if they were to readdress the spot of that first embarrassment. 

    And just as with real babies, Sims babies will have their own tricks. Literally. There are 18 in total, and you can discover a Sim baby’s three specific tricks as they live in the world. 

    perhaps they’re a pickier eater or a little aggressive. They can be helpful, add difficulty, or just add cute details, according to the inventors. 


    In conclusion, The Sims 4 will be bringing some exciting new family drama to the game. With the addition of the new family systems, players will be able to create more complex relationships between their Sims and experience more dynamic storylines. 

    With the new Create-A-Sim and Build-A-Home features, players will be able to customize their Sims and homes to their exact specifications. All of these features, combined with the new events and activities, will provide players with an even richer gaming experience.